Kaitlin Cappelli


Ford Williams

Kaitlin Cappelli and Ford Williams

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Our Story

Making dials. That's what I do.

I was hitting the phone late one afternoon at ClearSlide when into the lobby walked a beautiful blonde, wearing a blue suit. I immediately muted my phone and told the other boys to look. The girl looked confident, professional, and must be interviewing I thought. But then out the lobby she walked, headed towards the elevators. I was surprised that she was leaving so soon. Turns out she was only dropping off her resume.

I resolved to follow her into the elevator and introduce myself. As I got up and walked towards her, nerves struck and I hesitated. My hesitation could have led to my greatest failure. She got in the elevator and was whisked away. I was left standing there alone.

However, I hopped in the next one, got out, took to Market Street and saw her waiting there, sitting on a bench. I was not going to let a second opportunity pass. I approached (with no idea what I was going to say) and introduced myself.

I worked at ClearSlide. Her name was Kaitlin and she was trying to get an interview. Perfect. I offered to help her through the interview process. To which she responded, "Thanks, but I know the COO". YIKES, now what was my excuse to get her number....so I just asked for it. And got it.

Kaitlin later turned down my first date offer...fleet week party 2012. However, when she started working at ClearSlide she stood out for her beauty, professionalism, and most of all her ambition. I had to take her out for a date. And eventually I did. (Never give up kids, it took me a few trys)

Kaitlin and I have been together ever since. She wakes up every day happy and excited about life. Individually, we are two people headed towards great things. But together, we'll achieve the extraordinary.
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